Photography = Friends Part 847

Yesterday was another great day.  It amazes me how something like photography can bring people together.  The friends and relationships I have made through photography always astounds me.  Coming to get-togethors like this always leaves me inspired and renewed. 

Yesterday was no different, after listening to several of the NoBs Members speak, creating some imprompu photo sessions, and stuffing our face with some local cuisine, we threw together a quick groupshot so that we can all remember the faces to the names.

In the evening Alison Berk created the “Shoot-out”.  7 photographers had 5 minutes to create an image using the materials provided.  They provided a model, 1 light, a lamp and a couch.  The lamp and couch HAD to be present in the image.  I was chosen as one of the photographers to participate in this event.  Basically, you walk into the room, they give you the instructions and start the stopwatch.  It’s alot harder than you think, I felt like an iron chef on the hotplate.    Here is one of the images I created in the 5 minutes.  I will post the other that was retouched by a selected retoucher to be entered in the overall competition. 

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