I feel so old………….

We had the privilege of photographing our good friends Brent and Amanda’s family this past week. (images soon to come) and I also captured a single portrait of Amanda’s daughter Emma.  Emma’s 14th birthday is coming up soon “happy early birthday Emma” so I wanted to create a quick portrait for her so she can see how beautiful she has grown up to be.  Boy, I remember it wasn’t so long ago that Emma would visit Amanda while working at the photolab, quiet, shy. Now normally after a sentence like that I would say something like “she could barely see over the counter while standing on her tippy-toes”, but not in Emma’s case, she got her moms height too.

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4 Responses to “I feel so old………….”

  1. Savannah, Georgia USA Says:

    Wow, she looks older than 14; and what a beauty!


  2. mom Says:

    Wow…..what a beautiful young lady! Does she ever look like her mom!!!!

  3. Heather Says:

    Hi James! I remember Emma when she was young too…what a wonderful young lady she has turned out to be and you are truly a great photographer. You’ve come a long way from the photo lab at the grocery store. I wish you and your business the best of luck!

    Heather Sutherland
    old co-woker (remember)

  4. Tyson Zahner Says:

    Great image. Beautiful girl. Looks older than 14.

    Tyson Zahner’s last blog post..Santa Claus brings Christmas to the Zahner house early.

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