Underwater Photography – An easier way.

I just finished writing an article for www.shootsmarter.com on underwater photography. It should come out later this month.   Here is a small blurb that I think might be useful for some of you looking to take underwater images during your winter vacations.

“There are few things to look for when selecting an underwater housing for your P&S camera. Of course you can go out and buy a housing for your DSLR and someday I will write about that too, but for this smarticle i’m sticking with the point & shooters. When selecting a housing you want to make sure that you will have access to ALL of your features. Some housings (usually the cheaper ones) will only give limted access to your controls, like turning the camera on/off and exposure compensation while only shooting in Program mode. The dedicated housings Nikon for Nikon, Canon for Canon usually give you full capabilites of your camera (except for CF/SD card changing while underwater). For my A710 I have the model WP-DC6. ”

Camera is set to ISO 400
Camera mode is set to AV aperature priority with the lens wide open (mine is F4)
Create an Evaluative White Balance for each scene
Use Macro function for closeups”

Here is an image right out of camera.


With a little contrast boost, saturation boost, and sharpen
you can reveal the true beauty of your image with a few simple clicks.

Check back on this blog for a link to the full shootsmarter tutorial.

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One Response to “Underwater Photography – An easier way.”

  1. Thomas Quinn Says:


    If you also use the underwater photofilter in Photoshop CS3, you’ll get a much better reduction of the cyan in the photograph. There is a huge color loss going underwater and things look very cyan.

    Just my two cents as I have a Dedicated housing for a 5D. Trouble is now I have all Nikon Stuff 🙁 No need for a 5D housing. 🙁

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