“Which of your 2 bags is a priority sir?”

That is what she asked me at the airport.

Here are some images from today. Home tomorrow. 🙂

Mining Photography Canada

Mining Photography Canada
Ontario Mining Photography

Now I just need to figure out what bag is “PRIORITY” for the flight home.

Oh ya, my stands arrived just as we were heading to the job site. 🙂

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5 Responses to ““Which of your 2 bags is a priority sir?””

  1. Gerri Milkovie Says:

    Great shots James! Glad to hear that your other bag got there in time for the session, but great thinking with subbing the extension pole just in case!

    Gerri Milkovie’s last blog post..20% off of Gina Alexander!!

  2. Nick Says:

    Wow, it must make you wondering what is a priority when choosing the best plain for the job, on their end ha-ha.

    Anyway, great work. I assume you got your stands. I met you once (you took our grad photos I believe at LU), at least I think it was you. I have had your site bookmarked since the old design was in operation but now I thought I would actually say something, and you are simply inspiring.

    Again, great shots James and look forward to many more.


  3. Stephen King Says:

    Wow talk about improvements in air line travel!
    Now you get to “PICK” what bags they will loose for you!
    The question is, did they have you pick your priorty bag so that they could loose that one or so that they could loose the one you will be less angry about?? LOL

    Oh yes Great Photography!

  4. Randy Sartin Says:

    Your underground mine photography is awesome! They closed the Zinc Mine here a month or so ago, I already miss going underground!

    Randy Sartin’s last blog post..Knoxville Wedding Album

  5. Dan Ballard Says:

    Awesome underground shots james!

    So they got you your light stands Im assuming? would of been a pain in the arse to rig up 3 – 4 light stands from the hardware store! haha.

    awesome pictures man


    Dan Ballard’s last blog post..Engagement with Richard and Catherine

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