We are real troopers.

Well, it’s 10:30 Saturday night and we all had to leave the seminar because we were too tired.  But you know?  When you put a bunch of photographers in one house, sleep deprived, and add in 1 beer and 2 tylenol, things happen.  Weird things.  This is my lovely “liquified” portrait that my good friend Julie of www.martinphotography.ca took of me.  I think I will use this for my speaker bio pic for 2009.  What do you think?    Mom, do you like this better than the mental hospital photo?  Love you.  10:32, I have to add this now.  My cousin John is crying because I did not give him photo credit of the lovely portrait of myself and my beautiful wife Joce (the one on the right).  There John, you happy?  Stop yer crying.

Ottawa portrait photography

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3 Responses to “We are real troopers.”

  1. Adam Miasik Says:

    Actually James you look well rested and refreshed, I think it’s an improvement……use it! Say sorry to your Mom, it’s not her fault you wear your hair that way 😉

  2. mom Says:

    JAMES!!!!! Can’t you take pictures of bunny rabbits??

  3. Tyson Zahner Says:


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