The Superstack is not just in Sudbury.

In fact it’s all across the World in a whole other Country.  I bumped into Scott Donnelly (Lead singer for the band Superstack) and over a cup of Joe we were talking about some of the images I have done for them in the past…waaaaaay back when.  He tells me this cool story about the photo below.

Superstack Music
Hey James, My ex girlfriend was a language major, and while she was in Spain studying, she went to a party of some fellow students. While there enjoying a drink in the living room, she happened to notice out of the corner of her eye a very familiar picture, the one with me kickin out the jams with superstack, (taken at the legion in Sudbury), shuffling through pictures on a computer’s screen saver. She was stunned to be half way around the world and to have her boyfriend’s picture show up on an anonymous computer. Her friend said he found it online and thought it was the coolest rock n roll pic he ever saw.  Legendary!

Thanks Again Dude!”

Scott Donnelly

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