No Room For Crappy Assistants…..

Well I need a shower now, covered in grass, dirt and other stuff.  Unfortunately Bruce didn’t work out with his assistantly duties.  For those of you that don’t know the history behind our “No Room For Crappy Assistants” posts, please check out our previous post HERE.  This then escaladed in our NoBs site where we have many more videos and more  members are getting in on it.  Now for those of you that have been sending me emails, yes,  these are jokes.  Thanks for the concern anyways, you did make me laugh so hard that my pop came out my nose.  The good news is, we used a new assistant today and he didn’t work out either.

Trudging through the snow, in a one horse open.........

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9 Responses to “No Room For Crappy Assistants…..”

  1. Travis Lahnalampi Says:

    Hi James,

    Love you mockumentary and the pic is super… You have found your calling for sure.

    Your Cousin from Fairbank,


  2. Chad Pennington Says:

    You guys are so original in your doings Man – I can tell me son about you guys when he gets older and right now at 4 months I am trying to stick a camera in his hand

  3. mom Says:

    I want to be next.

  4. jameshodgins Says:

    Oh. We can make it happen. Oh yes. We can make it happen. 🙂

  5. clem Says:

    Gotta love your mom James. You did not fall far from the tree. 🙂

  6. Minds_Eye Says:

    You guys are TOOOOOOO much!

  7. Brian Little Says:

    You mean you didn’t really do anything to Clem…it was all a joke..? Damn.


  8. Bruce Nicol Says:

    @Brian Little – And I am still around too. 😉

  9. Mike Blinn Says:

    You will need more then just you and Rob to take me out…..I am Pooh hear me roar…. LOL. I have a great idea for the PPO BBQ at my place next weekend. If your up for it 🙂 Kids might like you after that 😉

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