How many drillers does it take to get a photograph?

Apparently one more than what we had. 🙂  Yesterday I was the “stand in driller” for a few images so that we could mix things up.  I finished up yesterday with Atlas Copco  shooting the drill rig, bits & other mandatory images.  I always find new challenges when shooting these types of images.  First, I have to create new images of the same type of drill bits (after 3 years this is starting to get harder and harder),  second, the condiditons, lighting, and location are always different.  In most cases I am shooting in an enclosed shack, so getting my lights in the right spot can be a challenge, plus in some images I want to show the outside of the shack and not blow out the exposure.  This, is what keeps us photographers on our toes, and as the Atlas Copco Reps  keep saying ” Just Hodgify It.”  Stay tuned to a later date when I post the rest of these series including the image of yours truly.

Atlas Copco

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