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I love getting emails from my friends/clients (family, not so much….just kidding folks) no matter how big or small they may be.  Even just a few sentences can make my day.  Like this quick email I got from my buddy Matt.

“This picture melted my wife’s heart and actually made her cry. You guys rock.”

This quick grab was taken at one of our wonderful weddings this past summer.  I am constantly looking around me when I am photographing as there is always something that can enhance the story.  I captured little Taylor here while we were hanging in the driveway just after saying goodbye to our wonderful couple and Matt and Taylor come walking up to us.

Sudbury Photographer
Matt and I have been friends for a long time and we even photographed his wedding. Their image is still in our wedding gallery.
(Matt with his beautiful wife Amy)

Matt and I are always on each others blog checking out what is new in our unrelated industry and even though we are in two different fields, we both have a passion for our blogs.  Check out Matt’s blog Employment Law and also check out the 1 minute business portrait I did of him using the garage door as a background (I tried to get him to come into the studio, but he is a very busy man.)

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