Pork, the other white meat.

Oooooooh boy, the smells that were coming from Verdicchio’s outdoor wood stove where amazing.  Besides having a great menu and atmosphere the chef’s there can cook-up just about anything.  It seems that whenever their is a pig roast, Joce and I miss it.  Seriously, we have been invited (and attended) over a half a dozen pig roasts in the last 5 years, but unfortunately something always gets in the away or we are limited for time.  Hopefully this summer we can attend a pig roast and actually sample the feast 🙂

Sudbury Photography

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3 Responses to “Pork, the other white meat.”

  1. Rob Says:

    Oh…look at that, real cooking!!!! No bullsh*t chain restaurant would ever dare attempt what Verdicchio’s pulls off on a daily basis. Time for the vast public to come back to REAL food, the revolution is starting!

  2. Craig Chiswell Photography Says:

    Sensational capture, i can’t wait to capture images like that….any tips on this one?

  3. jameshodgins Says:

    Lighting, lighting, and lighting. We also used newspaper to get the flames higher.

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