Home For Holiday Photos

Matt, Reem &  Shannon come to Sudbury for the Holidays and not 24 hours in the Sudz they headed over to our studio to create some new images to take back home.  I don’t think I have ever seen our studio this cluttered with clothes hahaha.  We spent a few hours photographing each of them individually and then we worked our way into a bunch of group photos.  I will start this blog series with these 3 images and later over the holidays I will post more (they tend to get more odd as time went by:) )  It was so much fun with loads of energy flowing through the shooting room (not to mention some kick butt tunes… Thanks Reem I am downloading from Itunes as I type).  Stay tuned for more images of the Matt Pack.


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One Response to “Home For Holiday Photos”

  1. Judy Hodgins Says:

    Reem’s exotic features, (the eyes!), Mathew’s “true” expression, and Shannon’s Irish beauty so perfectly captured. Well Done!!!

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