The Fish Whisperer Will Strike Again.

Well today was another great day.  The sun was out, it was a “LITTLE” warmer and of course we went diving again. This time though I was armed with my camera.  Hit a great reef dive, and then after that we went snorkeling to Shark Ray Alley with loads of nurse sharks and rays.  I just inquired about the fishing on this island and I have 3 choices.  Reef, Deep and Flats.  Well reef will be barracuda (which I have caught), deep will be grouper, jacks and mahimahi (which I have done) and Flats will be bone fish (something I have never done).  So guess what, I will be bonefishing on the flats on the other side of the island someday this week.  I just have to figure which one, and if I want bring Rob with me (the Anti Fish Whisperer.  Oh yea, our other peice of luggage arrived today and Joce’s eyes have turned back to the beautiful green color, which is much more pleasing than the Satan Red. 🙂

Here is our pimped out ride we rented  for the week.

Here are a few from my first try with my Canon G11





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2 Responses to “The Fish Whisperer Will Strike Again.”

  1. Mom Says:

    You are just too funny!! Beautiful pics. Joce is not capable of satan red eyes!!

  2. Claudette Leblanc Says:

    Beautiful pictures.
    Looks like yous are having tons of fun.
    Love seeing travel pictures. It’s the only way I can travel, lol.
    Thanks for posting.
    Stay safe.

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