Matt Get’s “Hodgypopped.”

Now that I am back at work, I need to finish up the last few galleries for 2009.   Matt is my stepbrother so I can take all the time I want hahaha (just kiddin Matt)   Here is a quick grab I captured just as Matt was in mid laugh, totally being Matt! .  Many more cool shots to come from the Matt Pack Session.

Here is another of Matt and the pack.


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One Response to “Matt Get’s “Hodgypopped.””

  1. Mathew Yves Duchesne Says:

    Love the pics james! .. must admit you did well indeed capturing my xmas Cheer + pearly whites!!

    Keep ’em coming~ cannot wait to see more of me …us! both the girls look awesome, not sure my facial expression quite conveys my excitement of being around them (pic #2).. haha. Loves the dramatic poses.. very Diva, very what we were going for.. !

    Great work!!

    Matt & Pack-

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