The Beds In This Hotel Go TRIPLE BOING!

Ok, playtime is over and I am back in Sudbury to finish off the week with shoots and a wedding photography presentation on Sunday.  It was great to catch up with my two buddies while they were flying through during their cross Canada Tour.  I only get to hang out with them during workshops and conventions, but since we do so many it seems that I see more of them than I do some of my closest friends :).  If you ever get a chance to attend either one of their seminars, do it.  Andy Armstrong is the creator of (which our studio uses) and also a moderator on our NoBs Forum.  Mike Long (also a moderator)  is the c0-creator of Pindora Software and also the owner of (I will show you our collaboration from our Inferno when I get the vids together.  Let’s just say a friend helps a friend when a friend is in need………of a model.).  Anyways, it was great to see you two again and I will catch up with you both in Vegas.

The Three Stooges

Andy, Me & Mike

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One Response to “The Beds In This Hotel Go TRIPLE BOING!”

  1. clem Says:

    Three stooges indeed! 🙂

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