On this day (7 years ago) I thee wed.

Well we are leaving today for Mexico for our 7th year Anniversary  which is on February 13th.  Since we got married in St. Lucia 7 years ago we try to get away every February to someplace warm & sunny.  Looking back 7 years ago it really doesn’t seem that long.  Joce and I had a beautiful wedding on the beach of St. Lucia with just the 2 of us, even though most of the staff (by that time knew us) took breaks or snuck away from work to watch our ceremony.   We plan on going back to St. Lucia on our tenth, but I am sure we will get back there before that as well (right Kirk?)  Anyways, this post is dedicated to my gorgeous, talented, caring, supportive wife  and the best friend I could ever have.  I LOVE YOU BABE!

gorgeousThis was the first time I took my camera ANYWHERE!  These below images were taken
with a Canon D30 3.24 Megapixel Camera.  Images were blown up to 30 inches for print competitions.
(back then glowing pinstripes were popular hahahaha)

One of the vendors at our resort.  He never had a picture of himself, even though hundreds take pictures of him every year.  I took this, went to the lab and printed off a few 4×6’s for him to keep.


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3 Responses to “On this day (7 years ago) I thee wed.”

  1. Colleen Serban Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the warm weather!

  2. Jillian Bickle Says:

    Congrats you two! Hope the weather is much warmer for this trip then it was from your last! I have to say, you two haven’t aged at all. Have a great trip and stay safe!

  3. Abbas Says:

    Hey, James and Joce! Many happy returns of the day! You two loving people… Enjoy the sunshine in Mexico.

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