Relaxed and recovered from Mexico

Well we just got back last night from our Anniversary trip to Mexico with our good friends Vince & Beth. You know, we never go wrong when we go to Mexico and this trip included.  We stayed just in between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen in a small town called Puerto Merelos.  This was convenient for us as we had quick access to both, including shopping and diving.  We didn’t stray much from the resort except when Vince and I went diving which included some reefs, a wreck, a crazy ass drift dive and some fresh water caves (which was the best).  Sorry I didn’t post at all during the trip like I usually do, but to be honest, I had no impulse to get on a computer while I was there, I just wanted to relax, and relax we did.

We stayed at the Excellence Riviera Cancun resort which really made a difference when the weather wasn’t sunny and I think we packed in as much activities as we possibly could including full contact Ping Pong.  We were so tired by the end of the day that our usual bedtime was around 9:30, sometimes earlier and one time later, much later.  Now my close friends should know that I do have my Canon G11 everywhere I go, and this great camera does take some good video, so my friends, beware….. you never know, just like Vince didn’t know he was caught on video during the Michael Jackson Thriller Dance – A – Thon.   Here is my surveillance video 🙂

I did manage to get some underwater video and images during our diving excursions except for the drift dive that took us waaaaaaaaaaaaay off course do to the strength of the current.  A few divers got sucked away and we spent all of the dive just swimming against the current to get back to  the  reef.  Fortunately we all made it back, but unfortunately some divers couldn’t make the second dive because they exhausted themselves and had no energy left.  Too bad to, because the dive after that was amazing with rays, sea turtles, lion fish, puffer fish and some great coral mounds.  The last full day of our trip Vince and I headed just outside of  Tulum for a fresh water cave dive.  This was an amazing dive and it is very similar to Night Diving. Below is some video of our dives.

Here are some trip pics.


Eagle Rays

Before Drinks

After Drinks

There is actually another Angel Fish Behind this one.

There is always a Barracuda following you.

Puffer Fish

Another Barracuda

Vince Checking out some coral

The entrance to the Cenoites

It was awesome when the sun came out and the rays shone down.

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