It’s Amazing What Coffee Can Do.

Whenever I am shooting in a new City, Town, Village orTrailer Park, the first thing I do is scope out a place to get my morning coffee (when I was in my twenties, it was the Beer Store).  While I was in  Sioux Lookout on a commercial shoot, the pickings were rather slim as there are really on 2 places you could go to.  One was a Robin’s Donuts and the other was a Small Coffee Shop called “Roy Lane”.  First impressions are big in my books and I will admit Roy Lane looked sooooooooooo inviting.  Tables and chairs outside with people enjoying their beverages, clean store front complete with flowers, and an overall feeling of “come in, you know you want to.”  Robins Donuts? Not so much.

So the first day of shooting I heading over to Roy Lane for my first cup of RL coffee.  The staff was friendly, quick and polite  with smiles and let me not forget that the coffee was gooood.  I know I started out my day with the first right decision.  The second day I was greeted with the same staff and smiles but this time was also offered a conversation.  Sylvie asked “Ok, you can come in here once and get your coffee, but the second time you have talk.  Are you new here?  Working?  Just passing through?”   

We quickly discussed my reasons, background, length of stay and oh yes, the Fire Fighters Calendar  (which I photographed) that they had behind the counter that was obviously opened and closed many many many times.  That pretty well struck up the conversation with everyone in the shop, including owner/operator Nancy Roy.  What a delight it was meeting her.  I haven’t met too many people that will invite you out for supper (wings and beer) to hang out with them and their staff after only meeting them for 5 minutes, but that is what Roy Lane is all about.  Friendly Service & Friendly Staff.  We all hung out that night swapping stories about Sioux and Sudbury, photography, coffeee, the history of Roy Lane, family and friends.  Honestly, it was the highlight of my whole trip and spruced up an otherwise mundane commercial shoot.  I would like personally thank Nancy and the staff at Roy Lane coffee for creating the establishment you have worked so hard to obtain.  You are defiantly one for the books.

If you are ever in the area of Sioux Lookout, be sure to stop by

To go the extra mile, I received this in the mail from Nancy. 🙂   A women after my own heart.
(This is the coolest coffee mug I have ever owned)

Roy Lane Coffee

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