Sometimes It’s Not The Equipment.

When we photographed the Leroy family earlier last week, I also photographed the daughters individually (In case mom wanted to create a wall college from the session).   As photographers we tend to stick with what we learned, and that is when photographing a portrait, try using a lens of at least 85MM or more.  I tend to use my 85mm F1.8 or my 70-200 MM F2.8 so that I can create a shallow DOF so that my subjects pop our of the image.    For this image below I thought I would break out my good ol trusted 50 MM.  A very standard simple lens (for most of us that started photography using “Film” this was the standard lens, no it’s all zooms that comes with the camera body).  I forgot just awesome this cheap lens is at achieving the same look.  I now have 2 50mm lenses, one is a macro lens for my closeups, but the other I bought a long long time ago for $149 and now they are available for $139 at most retail stores.    It’s small, it’s plastic, but it’s SHARP!  Personall, I think all photographers should carry a 50mm in their arsenal of equipment.


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One Response to “Sometimes It’s Not The Equipment.”

  1. Mark Says:

    That is should have posted this two weeks ago before I bought by 50mm for 1500.00 more then you paid 😉 Pretty girl…hope your enjoying the summer

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