It’s All The Small Things That Create

Other photographers are always asking me how I create my images, how I light them and what equipment I used  thinking that it must be some complicated technique when really it comes down to the small elements of a good photograph.  Digital has opened the doors to many new photographers with looking to create stunning images.   It’s really not that hard.  Most cameras you can just set it to P and point and shoot.  You look at the back of the camera to see if the image looks good, and if it doesn’t then you just take 400 more until you get one or photoshop the crap out of it to make it look  like art.  Anyone can be a photographer, anyone.  It really is not that hard to get a good photograph.

When we create a portrait for our clients we don’t just take them outside, plop them down anywhere and start firing away.  Nope, the portrait process starts way before we even pick up a camera.    We discuss locations, we discuss the look that the clients want, we discuss clothing (THIS IS ONE OF OUR BIGGEST DISCUSSIONS), even the time of day that we will photograph our clients is small factor with big results.

Sudbury Photography
All the above factors came into play with the above image.   The location was great for the time of day and where the sun was placed in the sky, my lens choice for shallow depth of field so that my subjects will pop out of the frame, the choice of clothing (darker tones, no stripes or patterns) that is not distracting but matches in tones with each subject, and the pose for a father and son to show the closeness between the two.  This image would not look the same (or as good) if any of the above factors were missing or in-correct.  Take the time to educate your client, there is a reason why some portraits take a bit longer to create than others, and a reason why they cost more as well.

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