Vickie & Justin Are Getting Married

We just photographed a quick impromptu engagement session for my good friend Justin and his fiance Vickie.  They will be married this May in Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Resort and unfortunately Joce and I cannot attend because of previous commitments.  Fortunately though we were honored to photograph the two of them for their wedding invitations.  Vickie was a natural in front of the camera with stunning eyes and striking features……….Justin?……………….not so much.   Just kidding Justin.  The both of them photographed like they were made for each, each complimenting the other (Vicki more than Justin), just kidding again, I just can’t help myself ever since Justin pulled a very funny joke on me way back when.  I might as well tell you all now as it is very humorous.

Justin used to live in the apartment below me many years ago so we would hang out at each others places alot.  One time while I was at his place, he asks if I would like some “Beef Jerky”.  “SURE” I say, I love beef jerky.  After chewing on it for several minutes I had to admit to him  “Jeeez Just, this jerky tastes like #@%$”.  He then grabs the package back out of the cupboard and looks at it saying  “Really?  The dogs really seem to enjoy it”    Thanks for the dog treats buddy.

Anyways, we a great time last night, hanging out, laughing, photographing, hitting up Dairy Queen and checking out Justin & Vickie’s new home.  Thanks again you two, we had a great time, and hopefully soon we can get together again.

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