A Boy A Girl A Bike and a DRAGON?

Tuesday night we headed out to Trout lake to photograph the Chaters Family and the engagement session of Andrea & Nik.  After driving 400 miles on a dirt road, through Sasquatch invested forests, up and down death defying mountains and across shark infested marshes, we arrived at the beautiful property.  We worked hard, we worked fast as the clouds were rolling in and shutting down our daylight right before our eyes.  After creating some beautiful family portraits of the Chaters (blog post to follow) we then started the engagement portion of the session with a dragon.  That’s right, Woody the bearded dragon.  Note: To all fellow photographers looking to photograph a bearded dragon.  Do not, I repeat do not convince the owner to take pictures outside with no leash.  Why?  Because they run away that is why.  Little does Nik know but as I watched Woody mad dash towards the woods my heart sunk to the bottom of my stomach where it then tried very hard exit my body.  What would be the chances of finding Woody after it rushed into woods?  ummmmm. I would say zero.  Good thing  Nik is quick and on his game as Woody never had a chance leave the grass. 🙂 PHEW!.

Sudbury Photography

As the sun was fading fast in the horizon and the clouds rolled in, we headed down to the lake to take advantage of the lovely waterfront creating some stunning images of  Nik & Andrea.

Sudbury Photographer

As Joce and I were leaving to head back home, I remembered Nik’s bike under the tarp and quickly asked “would you like a cool photo of your bike?”
Of course he said YES PLEASE.


So for you Nik, even though you have crossed over to the darkside and bought a PS3

Sudbury Photography
We had a blast guys, and your family is wonderful.  Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday. 🙂

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