48 Years and still in love.

Last week Jocelyne and myself found ourselves photographing the beautiful couple Roger & Laurette.  They have been married for over 48 years and it has been a long time since either of them have been in front of a professional camera.  Our goal was to capture them in a relaxed atmosphere where they could just be “themselves”, laughing, talking, kissing, kissing, kissing, and more kissing. 🙂  It was actually the their Grandchildren Steve & Jessica that planned this session with us as they wanted an image that really “captured” who their grandparents are.  We were to also include Rogers 1971 mint condition GMC truck in the session as well so we needed to find a location that could accomodate the type of image I had already drummed up in me O’l noggin.    Well it turns out that Jessica’s parents had the PERFECT property located just behind Chelmsford with loads of trees, open spaces, and out cottages we could use to place our couple.

I have to chuckle now that the session was over as Laurette was SOOOO nervous about having her photos done that Steve and I stopped by their house after a bike ride  to calm her nerves and reassure her that she and Roger would have a great time.  Even as you watch the slide show you can see how quickly Laurette relaxes and she starts to get that sparkle in her eye.  I will admit to all of you now, these two were as much fun as a young couple in love.  Walking, holding hands, hugging, kissing, laughing, they did it all, and most of the time without  prompting, I even had to break up a kissing session by yelling “I asked you two to kiss, not make out” LOL.  FABULOUS!!!!    Just posting one image of these two would not do this session justice so I put together a quick slideshow for you all to watch.  Looking back, I wish I had something like this of my Grandparents so I could remember exactly how they were.

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2 Responses to “48 Years and still in love.”

  1. Pam Says:

    Roger and Laurette are a beautiful couple and obviously still very much in love. What a great way for their family to keep those memories forever. Thanks for posting the slideshow.

  2. Steve Says:

    As expected, outstanding pictures. But totally unexpected was this video that you did an amazing job on, Everyone thinks its amazing ! I wish you could have had a video like this to remember your grandparents, because this video will help to keep the memory of two amazing people alive for generations to come.P.S> My grandparents thought it awesome!!!thanks a million.> your BFF

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