A Moment With Ma Mere

Jennifer new exactly what she wanted when she booked us.  She wanted a non posed, storytelling image of her Ma Mere and her 2 kids and that is exactly what we gave her.  It was as simple as asking Ma Mere to sit on the bench (because I was going to photograph her by herself) and next thing you know Owen & Lindsey climbed up and cuddled in.  I will be honest, I did  put “some” thought into it, I liked how the bench was in a bit of shade, but the sun was still poking through the leaves and skimming across Ma Mere’s hair.  I loved the way that the three of them starting interacting with each other immediately and you can tell that the three of them are very close.  We were all having so much fun with this session (Joce was quickly losing the throwing the leaves battle with the kids) we could have kept on going for hours.    Thanks again Haw family for making us part of this special time in your kids lives (and Ma Mere’s).  Like we talked about today, we look forward to photographing the Haw family next year. 🙂

Have a great Turkey Weekend. 🙂


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One Response to “A Moment With Ma Mere”

  1. Claudette Leblanc Says:

    I just love this picture.

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