The Other Side Of The Family

Over the past decade or so we have been photographing the Kinsella family several times a year.  We always laugh when we are at their home as we call it the “Gallery Of Hodgins Photography” as they have well over 35 different framed images hanging on their walls throughout the house.  Anywhere from 5×7’s to 30 inch Canvas Gallery Wraps.  In the past it has always been Jamie & Dana or the Kinsella Side of the family, but this past Saturday we had the pleasure of photographing the Pratt side for a change (Although the location was on the Kinsella property in Azilda).  3 kids, an active  sun that couldn’t set fast enough was the challenge of the day but in the end we created some great images and we finished off the day with an amazing meal by Chef Dana.  I will posting images from this sessions through the next few weeks as there are LOADS to chose from.  Here is the LAST frame of the day as the sun was behind them illuminating the colored leaves in the trees.

Sudbury Family Photography

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One Response to “The Other Side Of The Family”

  1. Marsha Says:

    We had a great time at the session James and Joce! There are Shivkumratt’s, Kinsellaratt’s and just plain Pratt’s in this portrait! One big happy family!

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