Cherish & Clint Were Married Today.

What a way to spend a Thursday!!!! Cherish & Clint wanted to get married on the day they met which was July 28th, so………………they did.  Now that we are finished it actually feels like it’s Saturday hahaha.  Clint showed up this morning sp0rting his VERY shiny, extra detailed, badass truck (Dayum, that truck looked good) along with a million dollar smile.  The girls were “Pretty In Pink”, looked hot, and were all laughs and smiles during their session and fortunately the weather was great with overcast skies and a slight breeze.  From Azilda to Timberwolf we covered a lot of ground creating kickbutt images all the way.  With dust covered trails we bolted down the course with our offroading golf carts (only loosing one groomsmen during a sharp corner) searching out the best holes for the wedding party to strike a pose.

We had a blast today with loads of fun and laughter.  Cherish & Clint were awesome and the bridal party was entertaining and energetic.  Thanks again everyone for making this wedding FUN!  We truly enjoyed ourselves.

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