Hailey & Dan Were Married Today | North Bay Wedding

Dan & Hailey had an outstanding wedding event today.  It did start out with some rain in the morning, but it quickly settled down when we photographed the girls early this morning.  On the way to the Church, it started raining again, and it down poured when Hailey was walking down the isle, but the sun was also shinning, so we knew it was a good sign.  The rest of the day was sunshine, warm weather, smiles and couples in love.  I love photographing in a new town as it always get’s the creative juices flowing, not to mention that we always have fun scouting out new locations a few hours before the wedding.  We pretty well tried to photograph it all.  From Yamaha Street bikes to dressed up Whippets it was a memorable day.  We also had our first chance this summer to photograph the ceremony in a church, as all our other weddings were outdoor ceremonies.  Hailey, Dan,  we would like to congratulate you both again on a beautiful wedding, your family, bridal party and friends were all a blast and Joce and I both enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Have a GREAT honeymoon!  Dan, take hold of your Queen!  And don’t overload on peanutbutter & cottage cheese. LOL.

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One Response to “Hailey & Dan Were Married Today | North Bay Wedding”

  1. Emili Says:

    What a gorgeous dress. Love the picture James.

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