Another Fall Family Portrait In Sudbury Ontario

Well I guess Nyree and Emily were so thrilled with their last session that they booked us a few months ago for their family portrait.  So out we were tonight in Garson with the 4 of them and the three Dogs.  Sometimes it’s a challenge to get everyone looking at the camera, and if you were watching me from a far you would wonder what this crazy photographer was doing jumping up and d0wn behind the camera making his perfect imputation Turkey call while his wife was waving her arms frantically behind him.  Yes, these are the things we must do in order to get the parents to look at the camera LOL.  Everything just fell into place with this family portrait, and the three dogs cooperated like I had beef jerky dangling in front of their noses.  Thanks again Nyree, George, Emily & John.   Your family was a pleasure to photograph.

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