Two Wild & Crazy Guys

These two wild and crazy guys came into our studio today to create some images showcasing their favorite interests. It was a total RockStar meets Slapshot scenario and both of these kids knew how to play the camera!  Serious one minute to burst out laughing the next Jimmy & Liam both had game.  Thanks again you two, you kicked off the afternoon with some high energy.

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One Response to “Two Wild & Crazy Guys”

  1. Frances Says:

    James had these two goats eating out of the palm of his hands! The two photos show their personalities perfectly. Use of light and shadow is modern
    day Rembrandt”ish”. The eyes in the slapshot shot mirror Jimmy’s seriousness for his sport and overall demeanor. The start of a smile in the Rockstar shot
    is a glimse of the belly laugh about to burst. Thanks James and Jocelyn — the boys are asking when they can go back for their next “shoot”.

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