People always ask me “How did you get into photography?”
My reply was always the same, “It’s the only thing I was good at.”

Now I do have a lot of other talents (the fish whisperer), but I think photography stands at the top of them all.  It’s been just over 18 years since I picked up my first camera and I see no end in sight. In my opinion photography is a lifestyle, it pretty well overtakes who you are.  You eat, sleep, breath photography.  Other photographers who are reading this will be nodding their heads going “uh huh”, and other spouses of photographers who are reading this will be nodding their heads going “uh huh”, but their “uh huh” will be a little more lower toned haha.

Jocelyne’s “uh huh”  is accentuated with a roll of her eyes and a slight smirk.  It’s somewhat changed now that she is part of the business and plays a key role in Hodgins Photography.  When you call, she is the voice on the other end of the phone that will cheerfully answer all your questions.   Yes we are a husband and wife team and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you can’t find me in the studio or at on-location shoots I am  usually traveling to conventions or seminars to further my skill.

I co-created an online resource center for photographers around the world (www.nobsphotosuccess.com) in which  I have already lectured to over thousands of  photographers with our co-presented Digital Bootcamp Workshops. I have also been the key speaker at numerous conventions, seminars and tradeshows around the world including my 5th year at Niagara School Of Imaging, “A week In Heaven” St.Lucia Workshop, The Buffalo Grand Island Talent Exchange Program,  The NoBs PhotoSuccess Inferno Conventions and blah blah blah blah blah.

If you want to see more check out  “Things I have done & collected along the way”.

Robert Provencher

On the days off of photography you can find us riding my motorcycle with members from my www.yamahamotorcycleforum.com site, heading cross Country on 1 month bike trips or scuba diving in the Caribbean.


I’ll be honest, it’s a great life, one that I would not change for anything else.

James & Jocelyne

James Hodgins was born and raised in Sudbury, On, Canada.

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