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Sudbury Dog Day 2013 Success!

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Well Jocelyne and I would like to thank everyone who helped make Dog Day 2013 another great success.  From sharing the posts on facebook to calling your friends and telling them they HAVE to do this we were able to bring a good amount of food and $ to the Sudbury SPCA.  We totaled just over $600 cash and over 24 bags of dogfood with couple of buckets of cat litter.  Jocelyne and I dropped everything off this past Friday to smiling faces and gracious Thank You’s.  So once again, thank you all so much, it was a pleasure to photograph your furry family members.


Friday, March 1st, 2013

Let’s just say that Dog Day 2013 was another HUGE SUCCESS!.  All the dogs where kickass and we created some great images all the while raising some cash for the Sudbury SPCA.  Here is one image from Dog Day.  Stay tuned for the Dog Day Results Post.


Dog Day Almost Full

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013


Dog Day Starts NOW!

Thursday, February 14th, 2013


Dog Day 2013

Thursday, January 24th, 2013


Sudbury Fire Fighter Calendar Begins

Friday, July 27th, 2012

We have started photographing the firefighters for the 2013 Calendar.   This year I have a good friend Vince who is doing some behind the scenes footage by his company Check out the first two teasers.  There will be more to come so make sure you join up with the Sudbury Fire Fighter Calendar Facebook Page

Sudbury Firefighters Calendar/Behind the scenes #1 from Royal Productions on Vimeo.

Sudbury Firefighter Calendar Behind-the-scenes #2 from Royal Productions on Vimeo.


My Birthday Present To Me (the day).

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Today is my 39th Birthday. Yea me. To me my Birthday is just another day. The same as all the rest. This year however I have decided to do something with my Birthday. From the inspiration of my fellow photographer and friend Kelly Scaccia I spent my Birthday (with Jocelyne) doing 39 random acts of kindness throughout Sudbury. Sudbury has been good to me. I am fortunate and I wanted to give something back to the community.    Thanks to everyone that passed on the “Random Acts Of Kindness” (RAOK) as a Birthday wish to me.  Here are some pics from todays excursions. (Taken with my phone)

RAOK #1 Gave a stranger a Cash For Life Ticket

RAOK #2 Give away 10 Tim Horton’s give cards.

RAOK #3. Help a guy back up his trailer as he got stuck in a tight spot.

Thanks to Flower Town for the flowers for another RAOK.

RAOK #4. Carried out a woman’s groceries to her car. 5 people turned me down thinking I was crazy. Wow.

RAOK #5 – 9. Handed out 27 carnations to people at old age home.

RAOK #10 donation to Spca

RAOK #11. Gave traffic cop cold bottle of water while he was directing traffic.

RAOK #12. Paid expired parking meters

ROAK #13 . Gave cold bottled of water to city workers gardening on Notre Dame.

ROAK# 14 Delivered flower for a Facebook request.

RAOK #15 Made a donation to Crime Stoppers.

RAOK #16 Dropped of doughnuts to the fire dept.

RAOK #17 gave water and gift card to homeless man under bridge.

RAOK #18 Tim Bits to the ladies at Northern Cancer Foundation.

RAOK #19 Paid for order of person behind us at Tim Hortons

RAOK #20 & 21 Brought doughnuts to emergency staff at hospital and gave gift card out to woman waiting in line.

RAOK #22 Gave crosswalk man cold water.

ROAK #23 Brought some goodies to our cat repair staff.

RAOK #24 Gave a hug and DQ card for a Facebook request.

RAOK #25 A flower to help.

RAOK #25 26 27 Gave cute old couple walking water. Gave a paperboy a DQ gift card.

RAOK #28 Picked up garbage at random playground.
RAOK #29 Pick up garbage along junction creek off of Barrydown
RAOK #30 Pick up garbage along Barrydown.
RAOK # 31 DQ Gift card to mom with 2 girls.
RAOK #32-38 Bag peoples groceries.

RAOK #39 Bought Gift Cert and gave to hostess to give to the next people she seats.

Well that’s it.  I hope others follow in our footsteps as you will find this very rewarding.  I hope some day there is a ROAK day or week every year, but in the meantime we can all start with just one RAOK per day. 🙂

Sudbury Fire Fighters Calendar Next Edition

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

So we are starting to plan the next edition of the Sudbury Fire Fighters Calendar and I figured I would start posting images from the last Calendar.


Hosting, Hanging & Honing

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Here we are in Toronto hosting our Annual NoBs PhotoSuccess ™ Inferno Workshop to members from all over the world coming as far as Australia.  I LOVE hosting and speaking at these events, but I get more joy from hanging with fellow photographers and friends that I haven’t seen since the last event.  I call it “Photography Summer Camp With Booze” LOL.  I always learn so much about photography and business attending functions like this and it get’s me excited to get back home and implement them into my business.

Here is our groupshot below that we took yesterday using available light.

photography studio sudbury


Putting his goodlooks to a good cause!

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Today I had a quick opportunity to photography Sudbury’s own Shawn McLaren (Host of THE EPISODE) for the upcoming Northern Cancer Foundations “Gentleman For Hope” Event being held at Brystons On The Park  May 25th, 2012.  Although the image is being used for the event, I thought I would doll one up for him and The Episode.    You can see more of Shawn and 9 other struttin gentleman at the Gentleman For Hope event, so make sure you come out and support this amazing foundation!!! For more information check out or contact Anna at

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