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Sassifras In Chicago (Rated PG-13 For Skin)

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Well it’s day one of our NoBs Photography Workshop and we have Will Crockett of (A Photography educational website that I write articles for)  on the stage at the moment and he is outstanding.  Yesterday morning I attending my good friend Mike Long’s workshop on retouching and later in the afternoon Joce and I attended (our other good friends) Danny & Diane Rabalais of We Shoot Sexy workshop.  This was their first time speaking at one of our Inferno Workshops and they hit the ball out of the park.   It was a live shooting workshop with several models and lighting setups where everyone can walk away with a sample of their style.   Now when I travel, I do not bring my Canon DSLR’s but opted for my trusted Point & Shoot Camera the Canon G11 for these photos (this camera still amazes me).  See Vince, maybe it isn’t because I usually use a big expensive camera (inside joke folks).  We will be back in the studio next week and Joce and I are looking forward to sharing some of the ideas and new sessions we will have available in the upcoming months.

Sassifras Sudbury

Sudbury Glamour photos


Pin-Up Perfection Completion

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I am just finishing up our Pin-Up Day event orders before I fly off to Chicago and I thought I would share this latest one with you.  This event was a blast and I wish I could keep creating these images in the next couple of weeks but time is short when you are on the road.  Joce and I will be implamenting our new “Sassifras” progam and events when we get back as we are attending a workshop by my good friend Danny Rabalais while we are at the Inferno.  We will have loads more information when we get back and in the upcoming weeks.  Don’t forget to go to our “subscribe” page and subscribe to our blog so you can be notified of all our future posts.

sudbury Pinup Photography


Sudbury Pinup Perfection Day Coming This March

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

We will be hosting our first “Sudbury Pinup Perfection” Day this month.  More details to follow so stay tuned on this blog (or better yet SUBSCRIBE to the blog) to be notified on all the sassy details.

Sudbury Pinup Perfection


The many faces of “Maggie”

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

You will remember “Maggie” from my Sassifras Ottawa session. Here are the other images I did of the “Katie Holmes” look alike.
If your interested in a “Sassifras Session” give us a call.




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