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One down, one to go.

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Well, one of our luggage cases arrived today, luckily for me it was the one with my diving equipment and my underwater housing for my G11.  Oh ya, my toiletries too, but those were not as important.  Unfortunately my dive time was several hours before my stuff showed up so I was without camera while diving.  It seems that our suitcases were delayed due to some photograhic  equipment that I had in my checked luggage (the equipment they say you cannot take on as carryon.  Gee make up your freakin minds).  Note:  Do not pack radio triggers for your off camera flash equipment.  Radio triggers that say “Transmitter” & “Receiver” get a big ‘ol’ RED FLAG.  Note taken.

Off for more diving tomorrow, a long with some snorkeling in Shark Alley.  The bad news is the weather is supposed to stay cloudy and cold for our trip which sucks.  The Mayan next month better be nice.

Here is a shot Rob took of my diving today.  My mustache as coming off tonight so that my mask can fit properly.


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