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Another Sudbury Baby

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

We photograph the weddings, we photograph the families, and now we photograph another chapter in our clients lives.    We have been in this  business for more than 17 years now and our clients are coming full circle as most of them now have their own families.  What a wonderful thing to capture throughout the years.  Thanks again Treena & Jimmy for trusting as yet again with your newest addition to your family……… Mila.


Hanging With Other Photographers

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

This week I got the pleasure to hang out with Kevin & Mariza Bissonnette of at their home studio to talk shop and discuss lighting techniques and marketing.  I think it’s good practice to get to know the other photographers in your area and not treat them like “competition” but more like “allies” in the trade.   It’s great when you have other photographers that you can bounce ideas off each other, help out if they need it, or request help if you need it. 

The image below was taken at Kevins studio where we were discussing different lighting techniques and how to get those big  O’l catchlights in those beautiful eyes.


Some photographers can’t handle travel stress.

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Especially when you have been traveling for over 20 hrs straight, sort of like a trains, planes, and automobiles type scenario.  I am home safe and sound now, arriving at 3:37 am, tired, sore (my nose is now sore from the window) and dissapointed that we had to miss Saskatoon.  I think the highlight of my trip though was the flight home last night with Rob sitting beside me crying.  He was really tired and cranky, and I think his lack of sleep was getting to him.  He cried the whole flight…… and not just a simple scream, but the ear peircing, needles in the eyeballs scream.  Don’t beleive me?  Well I videotaped a small snippet for you all, this was at about 2:30 am, and even with my earbuds on with the volume on the highest setting, Rob the screaming banshee still got through.  He did this the WHOLE FLIGHT!


Heading to Chicago Friday for our NoBs Photo Success Convention


A New Sudbury Family Is Created.

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Yesterday Lisa & Joey Dupuis brought in their newborn baby boy “Dacey” to have their first family portrait created.  All three were naturals in front of the camera, smiling, laughing, cooing, peeing (well not Lisa & Joey) and the connection between the three of them was evident during the whole session.  We love photographing new families, it’s a beautiful time in a couples lives when their first-born is brought into their world.  Dacey has already started to grow up and there is no stopping it, but the Dupuis family have this image to remember this moment forever.  Thank you Lisa & Joey for allowing us to create this wonderful image of your new family.  Congratulations.

Sudbury Family Portrait


Ahhh the innocence of little girls.

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Sometimes the best images are the ones where the subject is not even looking at the camera.  In this case little Alivia was more interested in what was behind her, beside her, under her &  than what was in front of her (me).  When I saw this image in camera I knew I had to do some sort of fine-art workflow to it.  It just has that little girl innocence look and feel to it.

Sudbury Children Photographer

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