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Cat Day At The Studio

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Actually it wasn’t a “day” at all,  more like Cat 2 minutes and 7 seconds.  Joce and I decided to brave the odds and get our two furballs into the studio and update their portrait.  The last time I did this was about 8 years ago and we figured since the one cat “Bogen” is getting up there in age, we might as well do it now before it’s too late.  What a pure joy it was to get these two to sit still for the camera.  Purring & talking, scratching and hissing.  Oh the wonderful joys of photographing felines.  I so look forward to when we officially launch “Cat Day” at the studio.  FYI – Cat Day will be held at James Hodgins Photography when hell freezes over and turns into one giant litter box.

Out of the dozen or so images I snapped we did manage to get two that pretty well portrays our kitties.  They will now be memorialized with 30 inch vertical canvas prints in our home.  We are really glad we managed to get this done, as it will make us  appreciate the time we still have with them both, as their lives almost came to a sudden end earlier today. 🙂

“Bogen –  the old guy”

Sudbury Cat
“Balou – the talker”

Sudbury Cat

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