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Electric Vehicles Are Underground Too!

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Today I had the task (and many others) of capturing an image of the Kiruna truck while it makes it’s pass through the tunnels underground.  This vehicle is HUGE (I was about as tall as the front tire) and although it’s size is something formidable, the noise from this machine is very minimal.  That’s because the Kiruna truck is an electric underground truck powered by two heavy duty traction motors – one for each axle.   The collector arm and the overhead power supply line have been specially developed to withstand rough mining conditions.


It’s Mud Sweat & Gears Again!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

I just spent another day underground at Coleman Mine documenting the mining process for their photo archives and it’s quite the change of pace of maternity, dog’s & baby sessions.  I really enjoy my commercial photography gigs as it pushes my abilities as a photographer to create something unique and high impact out of something that is mundane and “cold”.  Lighting is always an issue when you are thousands of feet underground and I thought my 5 strobes would be enough (and it was), but I know I could do even better with a just a few more lights………..oh well, next time.   The real trick is to get your lights in the right places to illuminate the scene and subjects, but have them out of frame so you don’t see them.  Sometimes this is tricky.

I will be posting more of my commercial images in the next few weeks as I will be underground several more times in the next few months.

Joe took a quick snap of me getting my flashes ready.

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