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Sudbury Family Portrait “With Dog”

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Sharon booked months and months ago to photograph her fall family portrait with herself, her daughter Meaghan and their rambunctious dog “Chester”.  We headed out just behind their house in the long lake area to find some beautiful fall colors and unique locations to showcase these to beautiful women……………….and Chester.  Let me state right now that Chester can jump higher than other dog I have seen jump before and note to self:  when photographing Chester for Dog Day this January don’t hold a stick in hand while pointing to the ground with the other hand saying “sit” “sit” “sit”.  Chester sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeee loves the stick.

After we completed a few different scenarios Jocelyne came up with this shot and I must say she executed the concept, location, and dog distracting technique wonderfully. 🙂  Thanks again Sharon & Meaghan for allowing us to capture the beautiful portrait of the three of you.


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