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French River Family Portrait (Food Included)

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Today’s blog post is coming from the home of the Roy Family.  We just finished the Roy’s family portrait here on their property in French River.  I’m a little tired after the session, so I am borrowing Vince’s Computer to write this blog post and share an image with you all.  It’s a long drive back to Sudbury, and Joce and I have not eaten yet, so we bribed Vince and Heather to make us supper before we go.  It all works out in our benefit of course. 🙂    I feel honored to photograph the Roy’s first family photo.   We photographed their engagment and their wedding 4 years ago and now they have the beautiful Nessa (along with Roxy) to add to their family.  Vince has also been tagging along to some of our weddings as he has started his own wedding videography company Royal Productions this past season.

Well, I smell the food cooking so I better get upstairs and see what’s going on, but first I need to format this harddrive, and I noticed Vince left his facebook account open.  Oh people.  You should know better.

Here is one quick one from just a few minutes ago.


Sometimes It’s Not The Equipment.

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

When we photographed the Leroy family earlier last week, I also photographed the daughters individually (In case mom wanted to create a wall college from the session).   As photographers we tend to stick with what we learned, and that is when photographing a portrait, try using a lens of at least 85MM or more.  I tend to use my 85mm F1.8 or my 70-200 MM F2.8 so that I can create a shallow DOF so that my subjects pop our of the image.    For this image below I thought I would break out my good ol trusted 50 MM.  A very standard simple lens (for most of us that started photography using “Film” this was the standard lens, no it’s all zooms that comes with the camera body).  I forgot just awesome this cheap lens is at achieving the same look.  I now have 2 50mm lenses, one is a macro lens for my closeups, but the other I bought a long long time ago for $149 and now they are available for $139 at most retail stores.    It’s small, it’s plastic, but it’s SHARP!  Personall, I think all photographers should carry a 50mm in their arsenal of equipment.




Sunday, September 7th, 2008


Jocelyne and I can coordinate a relaxing time with you and your family, either in studio or at a location of your choice. We promise you will have fun, your family will have fun, and the images we create will  be something you can cherish for a lifetime.  Investing in a family portrait is an investment in your family, and one that should be carefully planned, coordinated and discussed with all members that are to be photographed.

A family portrait can mean more to the people involved than you probably realize.  It might not be today, tomorrow, or even next week, but when they get older,  looking back at that family portrait will bring back all the memories they had at that time of their life, and yours too.

A beautiful family portrait is one that can be displayed in your home to be looked at every day.  One that is a discussion starter when you have company over, and one that brings back the feelings of closeness, unity, and family enjoyment.

Check out Portrait Clothing Tips so you will look your best  for your family session.

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