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Gorgeous Outdoor Family Portrait

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Here is another from our outdoor Fall Family Portraits Sessions.  Although I have loads of images where they are all looking at the camera, I love this image even more because of that “connection” mother & daughter had at this moment.


Fall Family Portrait

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

We just finished another great outdoor session with this amazing family.  Our first location wasn’t the hottest (it was cold too) as all the leaves have already fallen and the wind coming off the lake was COLD, but we did have another location in mind and it turned out to be exactly what we needed.  Thanks again Curtis & Michelle for allowing us to capture you and your kids, you were all amazing!


Old School Family Portrait

Friday, June 15th, 2012

A few months ago Jennifer (a fellow photographer) mentioned an idea she had for her family portrait.  She wanted something that looked like an old time family picnic portrait.  So out she went scouring the net and city for clothing and props to be used for her portrait and Joce and I headed out to her studio and checked out the property searching for a spot with the proper lighting and DOF that would bring Jen’s image to life.  This was our first “Themed” family portrait but I hope it is not our last.  Yes it does take some planning, but in the end you receive something “unique” that we all created.  We had an awesome time with this session, from getting taken down to the ground by the kids  to Jocelyne dancing with the dog we managed to create some time stopping portraits.  Thanks again Jen & Nick for allowing us AGAIN to capture a special moment in your lives.  It’s always an honor to photograph another photographer.

sudbury photographer

P.S  For those of you on my facebook.  The Instagram photo was a joke. 🙂


Kaltiainen Family Portrait

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Well we had the fortunate opportunity to photograph yet another portrait for the Kaltiainen family.  Ahhh, seems just like yesterday that we were documenting their wedding, or photographing Natalie’s Maternity Session or creating a timeless portrait of their Newborn Baby, and now we can add their latest Family Portrait to the list.   We headed out to Whitewater lake in Azilda hoping to get a few images with some leftover leaves.  It was cold.  Did I say it was cold?  I meant it was COLD!  But the kids were great, the parents were cool and we managed to capture some outstanding images for the Kaltiainen Family.  I could have stayed and chatted to them for hours in the parking lot…………but it was cold. haha.

Natalie, Neil.  Thank You again for letting us create this family portrait for you.  It means a lot to us to  have you as repeat clients.


Ramsey Lake Fall Family Portrait

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

The warm sun faded fast over Ramsey Lake while we were photographing the Keenan’s family portrait a few hours ago and standing waist deep in the water didn’t warm things up either.  Luckily this time I remembered to bring my hip waders in case I needed to go into the water……..which I did.  It’s the small things we do to get the proper angle for the shot.  Just like some of our previous family portraits with pets, I was jumping up and down, waving the arms, turkey calls and what not (I really need to videotape this), but in the end we got them to look at the camera.  And also like our other family sessions, we had a blast with the kids.  From throwing leaves in our faces to floating basketballs the Keenan kids got it going on, and we had a great time photographing them.  Whenever we finish photographing a family like this, we get in our cars and say “That’s why we do it!”  Thanks again Lisa & Scott for trusting us with your first family portrait!  It’s very much appreciated.


Another Fall Family Portrait In Sudbury Ontario

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Well I guess Nyree and Emily were so thrilled with their last session that they booked us a few months ago for their family portrait.  So out we were tonight in Garson with the 4 of them and the three Dogs.  Sometimes it’s a challenge to get everyone looking at the camera, and if you were watching me from a far you would wonder what this crazy photographer was doing jumping up and d0wn behind the camera making his perfect imputation Turkey call while his wife was waving her arms frantically behind him.  Yes, these are the things we must do in order to get the parents to look at the camera LOL.  Everything just fell into place with this family portrait, and the three dogs cooperated like I had beef jerky dangling in front of their noses.  Thanks again Nyree, George, Emily & John.   Your family was a pleasure to photograph.


Family Portraits In The Park.

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Was at the park yesterday photographing the Moore family and was surprised at how many leaves have already fallen in the last week.  I suspect the fall colors will be around for about maybe 2 more weeks and then it’s leave raking time.   We might be picky on the clothes, we might be pick on the time of day, and we might even be picky on the location, but that because we know what works, and what works well for us.  When everything comes together like this, we can create some memorable, fun loving, eye catching images like the one below.  We had  a great time with Liisa, Phil & Wyatt (yup, this kid has the ULTIMATE name) and we managed to create some outstanding images as Wyatt just kept smiling and smiling. Thanks again Moore family, for allowing us to create some family portraits for you.

“Tickle Tickle”


The Pappano’s Rock Another Family Portrait

Friday, August 5th, 2011

The Pappano’s were back with another kickbutt family portrait.  It’s been almost two years since their last one (Take a peak here), and this time they brought the Pinkerton’s and McNabb’s to throw into the mix.  Joce and I couldn’t believe how the Pappano girls have grown into beautiful young ladies in such a short time  and there was no shortage of smiles from each of them during the session.  As I said in my earlier posts, we LOVE photographing families!!! It’s so much fun, especially when the family are having a good time throughout the session.   We have  4 (FOUR) generations in this family and Jerry (Great Grandmother) has just as much energy as anyone else in this portrait.  We have sooooooooooooo many good images to post in the future, and of course I always will post one, but I thought I would post two, just to show you how we wrapped up the session.  Thanks again everyone, it’s families like yours that keeps reminding us why we love photography.


Evening Portrait Of Mom & Daughter

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

We just finished photographing the ever happy Miss Emily where we took her downtown to do some urban grunge images in her Hip-Hop outfits.  We found graffiti walls, back alleys, rusted stairs and old fire escapes.  Emily was a bit shy at first and we had to reassure her that we had photographed downtown before,  but all doubts were gone when gave her a few sneak peaks on the back of the camera.    After a quick pit-stop at Dairy Queen (yes, this was my idea. I AM going back to Jiu Jitsu tomorrow so I might as well get one last craving in) we headed to one of our favorite spots for photographing in tall grass.  Since Mom was dressed in the same colors as Emily’s Street clothes we decided to through her in scene for a few images.  By this time Emily was a professional, posing exactly the way we guided her.   The below image is the very last frame from the session, just as the suns was saying goodbye.  I thought I would post it for this blog post but  I will post more from Emily’s Urban session soon.  Emily, Nyree, thanks for a great evening, we had a great time hanging out with the both of you, and it was very rewarding watching Emily’s enthusiasm grow as the session progressed.


Outdoor Family Portrait Season Is About To Begin

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Now is the time to start thinking and planning your outdoor summer family portrait.  We are already booking sessions for up to October already and we don’t want you to be left out.   We take a great deal of pride in your Family Portraits and it all starts with an in studio consultation where we will discuss all aspects of your Portrait Session.

Think a few months ahead into this summer when you would like to have your outdoor family portrait but give us a call soon so we can make the preparations.  Big or small your family is special to you so why not create something that will last a lifetime.

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