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Loonie & On The Loose In Lindsay Ontario.

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Well we are back in our hotel room, Jose is recovering from his head injuries, Joce is bushed, and I still have a full belly from the kickbutt supper Mark and Chantal co-created for us.  Today’s photographic crapshoot was blast.  What do you get when you have 3 oddball photographers , two sane women and headfull of wacky photographic concepts?  You get Loonie In Lindsay.  It all started out with us creating new “bio” pics for our website, but once we started we couldn’t stop.  I don’t know if it was the photocrack or the digital heroin, but  the ideas were getting more and more……….unusual.  In the end though, IMO (in my opinion) we created some pretty kickbutt images, and a few funny stories to go along with them.   I look forward to the next crapshoot, they usually don’t come soon enough.

Mom, don’t worry, I’m still me.

lindsay ontario crapshoot
“Isn’t it cool that you can have two totally different images from the same location. The chair never moved…just a different angle, different lens, different perspective and a different photographer. There’s always more then one way to skin a lazyboy :) Great hangin’ with you guys…Chantal and I had a blast!”
Mark Ridout

Lindsay Ontario Crapshoot
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