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Sudbury Photogapher

Monday, March 16th, 2015

I will sometimes place my camera on boom arms or telescopic poles and remote trigger the camera to get the shot.   This is very useful for those hard to reach places where safety is a concern.

sudbury mining photographer canada

James Hodgins is a mining industrial photographer based in Sudbury, Ontario Canada


Rubber Side Down | Sudbury Photographer

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

When the mining site is in the middle of nowhere most maintenance problems are fixed right on site.  Tires like this one are often repaired in minutes so the haul trucks can get back on the road and continue production.  When the tires can no longer be safely used on the site, they are put to use in other manners.  Some filled with sand and used as corner barriers on the road. Locals will also remove the remaining tread from tires and use the rubber for brake pads on their bikes or soles for their shoes.

sudbury photographer ontario
Sudbury Mining industrial photographer is based out of the mining Province of Ontario Canada.


We will make it easy for you for Fathers Day.

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

We have taken all the thinking out of this one.  It’s a no brainer for those of you who struggle with getting that perfect fathers day present for your hubby or boyfriend.  It really couldn’t get any simpler than this.  Not only will Dad get an amazing present this year that will always be close to his heart, but moms………this is for YOU as well.  Dad can have the panel and you can get all the other prints to show off to your family and friends.  Hey, keep a few, wrap them up and give them to Grandma & Grandpa for their Grandparents Day (I am sure there is a day for this).

I know some of you struggle to pick out that fathers day gift.   I have seen the gifts that some of my friends get and well.  They suck.   Not all, but most of them do.  You probably never knew that they felt this way, like the dads would really tell you the truth.  “Hey hon, thanks for the fathers day present, but to tell you the truth,  I really didn’t need a new hose!”

We have just a few slots left as the initial response to this event has been amazing.  Call now and reserve your slot.  Surprise Dad with the ultimate gift.  Fathers Favorites will be over before you know it but the “thought that counts” can last for a long long time.


sudbury photographer

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