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And The Blog Wars Begin

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

With a few fellow photographers, we are starting Blog Wars, where we post something about the other photographer.  This is all in good humor, and tends to challenge each of us in creative ways.  There is already a blogwar going on with a few fellow photographers like Brian Little, Clem, Shawn Vonins, myself and Rob.  This post I dedicate to Jillian Bickle fellow photographer and friend (I subscribe to her blog, the Bickle Bits are freakin hillarious).  Anyways.  Jillian bought the most ugliest backdrop I have ever seen, I titled it Pigeon Poop.  She told me she was going to take the most kick ass image with this backdrop and prove me wrong and I would then have to publically apologize to her via the blog.  I am writing this to all of you so that you know I will be true to this promise. If Jillian can create something that is “worthy” with this duck blind backdrop, I will write her an apology.  Her trick is to light the backdrop in a creative way to achieve it’s fullest potential.  The best way to light this backdrop is to light it on fire. 🙂 haha

I modeled this grotesque backdrop at NSI for her and for all of you.

Good Luck Jillian

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