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Dog Day – The Results Are In.

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

We we are all tallied up, the results are in, and the studio is cleaned. 🙂  Dog Day (In our opinion) was a HUGE success.  First we would like to thank all the people who signed up for dog day to support the local SPCA.  We would also like to thank our “Dog Whisperer” Darla Laframboise for taking the time to spend the day with us at our studio to help out.  We had 26 dogs and not one accident woohooo.  In total we raised $1000 and 22 bags of dogfood (and 1 bag of cat food) for the Sudbury SPCA.  We would also like to thank those who took advantage of the Canvas Wall Portrait, we can’t wait to show you your finished art piece.

Joce and I had a total blast with this promotion and we look forward to photographing more furry friends in the future. You will notice a common “theme” to our dog portraits and this is one that we wanted to instill in our clients perception right from the beginning.  We focused on the dog’s personality and characteristics that are unique to the dog.  All images were black and white on a highkey background with a bit of an artistic processing to the finished image.  This is how we want to portray our Pet Portraits at Hodgins Photography…….this will be our “signature style” if you can call it that.

Over the next few weeks I will posting each dog from the Dog Day sessions so that you can all get a glimps of the Dog Day attendees.  Again, Joce and I would like thank EVERYONE who participated and for those that didn’t but still donated.

P.S  Joce and I have decided that we will offer anyone who adopts a Cat, Dog, Puppy, Kitten or any other animal from the Sudbury SPCA a FREE portrait session with print from our studio.  This will be an ongoing thing for as long as we can.

Here we are today dropping off the $ and the dogfood
(Me, Peggy-SPCA Manager, & Joce)



Just yesterday it was Fall…

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Today it is winter, and boy I can’t wait until December 21st.  Know why?  Because it is the shortest day of the year and that means after December 21st, the days start to get longer, and then BAMMO, summertime is here again Yippeee!.  Man did the fall seem to go by fast.  I have been meaning to post this one image for awhile but it always slipped my mind, so as I was going through orders I made  a point to post it.  This is from one of our fall engagement sessions (I posted earlier about this one) and just as we were about to wrap up  I discovered the look.  You know.  The one “as photographers” we see when looking through our viewfinder and we yell “DON’T MOVE!” , “YOUR PERFECT!”.  That was the case with this image.

Sudbury Engagement Photography

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