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Sudbury Summer Family Portraits

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Well the weather is getting warmer, the ice is coming off the lakes and the yellow grass will soon be turning green.  Along with the mosquitoes and blackflies it’s also the starting of our outdoor family portrait sessions.  Joce and I LOVE creating beautiful family portraits, especially on location where we can all feel relaxed, comfortable and enjoy some summer fresh air.  Personally, and this is my opinion, but I think EVERY family should have up to date family portraits on the walls in their homes, offices, and cottages (anyplace where people can enjoy the image).

Your kids may be leaving for College or University, heck they might already be gone and the only family photo on the wall was from 1982.  Next time the whole family is back home together book a family portrait session so you can have these images to enjoy in between the visits.  A family portrait can mean more to the people involved than you probably realize.  It might not be today, tomorrow, or even next week, but when they get older,  looking back at that family portrait will bring back all the memories they had at that time of their life, and yours too.

Sudbury Family Portraits


Family, Some Of My Family, & Hodgy Humor IV

Friday, October 30th, 2009

5:30 in the am and there is nothing that keeps me awake more than having one of our cats lick himself while sitting right beside my head.  When it’s this early in the morning everything is quite.  You know your house.  You know the sounds it makes.  So when your cat decides to move into the recroom and continue on with his innocent yet disgusting licking, you can still hear it, clear as day.  So, it’s early, I’m up and getting a fresh Cup ‘o’ Joe in my system.  I thought I would post a few family portraits we have done recently.  We love creating family portraits and it amazes me how long some families go without having an updated portrait.  Think of a family portrait as an investment in you and your family.  When you have a large wall portrait hanging in your house of your family, that is art.  Who would disagree with me on this?   Joce and I love the expressions on our clients faces when they come to pick up their Wall Portraits, you can tell that they know, at the moment they see it finished, that they made the right decision to invest in their family.

Family Photo Sudbury
Sudbury Family Portrait
Sudbury family portrait
Now the person holding the camera laughing his butt off is my Bro-In-Law Mike (above).   2 weeks ago we portaged into our “secret” lake for some Bass & Pike fishing.  Some stupid beaver decided to damn up part of the “river” we normally paddle through so we had to carry our gear and canoe most of the way.  Lifting and pulling heavy objects through mud tends to wear you down.  You don’t think clearly, you try stupid things… seeing  just how stuck you can get in some Canadian Quicksand.  Now to my defense, this stuff was thick, but if you broke through, it swallowed your foot.  We only caught one fish. (of course, I was the one that caught it)


A Family Portrait Will Bring You Closer.

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

It always does, because at some point in the session I like to get the family to squeeze together close!  The Land family just finished having their family portrait done at the studio and I must say they all looked GREAT!  We did the usual studio stuff, but the last shot in  my opinion was the one.   I personally think the below image shows the closeness of this family.  Thanks again Land family for having Hodgins Photography capture this memory.

Sudbury Family Portrait Photographer


Rain Rain Go Away… suck!

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Well we just finished/started the Carbone Family portraits before the weather turned to the nasty.    We did re-schedule for another evening so we can complete the session but in the small window I had I did get some cool images.  It has been six years since I documented Paul and Christy’s wedding in Copper Cliff Park and  now they  have 2 beautiful daughters to complete their family.  We started thinking we would be safe and the system would pass us on by but  we were wrong and it started pouring raindrops the size of bullfrog tadpoles.  About 15 seconds after I said “Let’s head back to the car” it came down.  We had a blast capturing the different personalities of your daughters and  it was GREAT to see the two of you again  we look forward to next week. 🙂

Sudbury Photography
Sudbury Childrens Portrait studio
The Carbone Family
And the thunder rolls

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