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Hey, How you doin?

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

While I was getting some great expressions out of  Eli  during his photoshoot he quickly made this one and I thought “Hey, how you doin?”


The Successful Family Portrait

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

When creating a Family Portrait all aspects of photography should be taken into consideration to create the most stunning images you could possibly create. As a photographer, I try to find the best possible lighting conditions to make your family look the best they can. My wife and I try to pose you in a way so that you look as flattering as you can possibly be. I use the correct exposures and lenses I think will give the best results to the image and then in post processing I use subtle but crisp enhancements to finish off your unique family portrait. Why? BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT! It’s your family!!! We want you to look at your images and KNOW that you made the right decision to have a family portrait created. We love our clients. Thanks again to all of you who have trusted Joce and I with your family portraits.

Here is another one from our latest family portrait session.


Evening Family Portrait

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

We had a great Family Portrait Session last night with the Huot family on their property in the French River Area.  We waited for the sun to go down behind the house and then I dawned my trusted hip-waders to get out into the water to capture this portrait.

sudbury photographer


Old School Family Portrait

Friday, June 15th, 2012

A few months ago Jennifer (a fellow photographer) mentioned an idea she had for her family portrait.  She wanted something that looked like an old time family picnic portrait.  So out she went scouring the net and city for clothing and props to be used for her portrait and Joce and I headed out to her studio and checked out the property searching for a spot with the proper lighting and DOF that would bring Jen’s image to life.  This was our first “Themed” family portrait but I hope it is not our last.  Yes it does take some planning, but in the end you receive something “unique” that we all created.  We had an awesome time with this session, from getting taken down to the ground by the kids  to Jocelyne dancing with the dog we managed to create some time stopping portraits.  Thanks again Jen & Nick for allowing us AGAIN to capture a special moment in your lives.  It’s always an honor to photograph another photographer.

sudbury photographer

P.S  For those of you on my facebook.  The Instagram photo was a joke. 🙂


No Ducking Around With This Family

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Tonight we had the pleasure of photographing the “Munro” family.  This wasn’t our typical family session as the images are being used for a local campaign project but we still treated it like one of our regular photographic family adventures.  The kids were awesome!  The point of this session was to get a portrait where the family was doing what they do best.  Be a family.  So we headed out to Ramsey lake and basically found things that the family could enjoy doing together.  This was one of the last images we captured as we discovered the ducks at the end of the evening, and unfortunately we didn’t have any bread to feed them with (they really didn’t like the rocks that was presented to them), but they still came around to see what was going on.


The Pappano’s Rock Another Family Portrait

Friday, August 5th, 2011

The Pappano’s were back with another kickbutt family portrait.  It’s been almost two years since their last one (Take a peak here), and this time they brought the Pinkerton’s and McNabb’s to throw into the mix.  Joce and I couldn’t believe how the Pappano girls have grown into beautiful young ladies in such a short time  and there was no shortage of smiles from each of them during the session.  As I said in my earlier posts, we LOVE photographing families!!! It’s so much fun, especially when the family are having a good time throughout the session.   We have  4 (FOUR) generations in this family and Jerry (Great Grandmother) has just as much energy as anyone else in this portrait.  We have sooooooooooooo many good images to post in the future, and of course I always will post one, but I thought I would post two, just to show you how we wrapped up the session.  Thanks again everyone, it’s families like yours that keeps reminding us why we love photography.


Some Family Fun

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Last week we headed out to Val Caron and photographed the Antoine family.  We found a great little spot that I always wanted to photograph and they were game.  I will definitely  have to post more from this session as we just let the kids be kids, digging, running, jumping, eating sand,  burrowing (almost swimming) and the images speak for themselves.  We never know how the kids are going to react to sitting and having their family portrait taken with mom and dad and they pretty well can dictate how the session will go.  Never the less, if you let them have some fun, keep the session flowing and at a steady pace you can come away with some great family memories.


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