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Good Health = Good Life

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Well, since the firefighter calendar I have been getting alot of inquiries in regards to studio portraits for bodybuilders and before after images.   Yes, we do do them, and we can customize a package for you, just send us an email or call us for more info. 
On a side note: In the past year I have tried to eat better, exercise regularily and maintain a very healthy lifestyle.  A few key things came into play, one was Cardio Kickboxing, and the other  (more recently ) is Troy Thompson.  In the past year I have felt the best I have every felt.  What does that have todo with my photography?  Well, everything comes in full circle doesn’t it?  Better things just happen to you when you feel good.  Your more productive, your attitude is brighter, and you enjoy things more.  I noticed this when I decided to start living a healthier lifestyle…….I mean, I’m not getting any younger am I?

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