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Pin-Up Perfection Completion

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I am just finishing up our Pin-Up Day event orders before I fly off to Chicago and I thought I would share this latest one with you.  This event was a blast and I wish I could keep creating these images in the next couple of weeks but time is short when you are on the road.  Joce and I will be implamenting our new “Sassifras” progam and events when we get back as we are attending a workshop by my good friend Danny Rabalais while we are at the Inferno.  We will have loads more information when we get back and in the upcoming weeks.  Don’t forget to go to our “subscribe” page and subscribe to our blog so you can be notified of all our future posts.

sudbury Pinup Photography


Another Gorgeous Pin-Up Lady

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Tracy was another one of our beautiful ladies who took advantage of our Pin-Up Day.  When this woman smiles, the whole room lights up.



No sense in crying over spilt coffee…

Friday, March 26th, 2010

but you should cry if you miss our Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection Event tomorrow.  We have only 2 slots left due to an unfortunate cancelation so now is the time to act fast.   For more information check out our Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection Event.

Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection


Another Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Sometimes I don’t know what “scenario” I am going to have my subjects in when I complete the final images.  Sometimes though, it will come to me when the shutter clicks or when they pose in a certain way.  I knew right away that I wanted to add something with musical notes as the pose Stephanie was in reminded me of the begging of a dance performance or recital.  The way she was looking down at the floor and way her dress was feathered on either side was a compliment to the way she was standing.  After that it all sort of fell into place.  We only have a few slots for our Pin-Up Day and it is first come first server.  Check out all the detail at Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection Day

Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection



Wednesday, March 17th, 2010



March 27 will be our first Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection day.  Please read this entire page as it has all the information you will need to take advantage of this very colorful event.

Pin-Up Perfection Day  IS Saturday March 27th, 2010
(by appointment)

There are only 8 openings left for this day so you need to call and book your slot.  Call Jocelyne at 705-693-0654

Our Pin-Up Perfection Sessions are a completely different experience from our other sessions.  Oh, don’t be mistaken, you still have fun, you will still laugh, and you will walk away with some amazing images, but you will also be creating a timeless image of yourself. One that will be completely different than any other images you may have of yourself.  Your Pin-Up Perfection image will show a side of you that hasn’t been captured before and one that your family and friends will be jealous that you had your image created before them.


1.  Because  your image will be colorful, exciting and something new.

2. You always knew you had it in you but never had a chance to express your Pin-Up “attitude”.

3. It will make a great gift for your boyfriend, husband or girlfriend
(who wouldn’t want an Iphone pic of you?_

4. It’s another reason to get your hair & make-up done and leave the house.

5. You will look HOT!  We promise.

Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection

We have several different  types of   Pin-Up Perfection Sessions but we will only be offering one specific session on March 27th.  The session will consist of one clothing style (your choice) with whatever props you like or no props at all (sometimes those are the best). Jocelyne and I will pick the image with  the best expression and pose and your finale image will be fully retouched will  a “Hodgified” solid background in the color that best matches the outfit you were  wearing (just like the above and below images).

Some CLOTHING tips for your Pin-Up Session

* The more colorful the better.  Pinks, purples, light blue, orange, yellow, greens, polka dots,  all work well for these types of shots.  Think 40’s.

* Avoid logos of any kind, we don’t want to date the image to anything other than the 40’s.

* Sundresses, fishnet stockings, bustier, frilly skirts, short shorts, tie up tops, and old style bathing suites look great for this type of portrait. And don’t forget the shoes!!!  Mary-Janes, pumps, high heels etc..

* This isn’t about clothing but hair and make-up.  You can do your own that’s just fine, but if you wish to get the most out of your session we suggest getting a professional Pin-Up Stylist.  Read on for more information.

Read what Jacqueline said about her Pin-Up Perfection Session

Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection Session

“I really enjoyed spending time with James and Jocelyn; the photo session was more like ‘hanging out with friends’, laughing and joking with each other (and a little goofing off of course)! That made it so much easier to be comfortable in front of the lens which in turn made for AMAZING images! James and Jocelyn were both open to hearing my ideas as well as putting their spin on things. When I saw the first final image, my eyes were hungry for more! Anticipation kept building and I just kept being more and more impressed by what I saw. I look forward to my next ‘Hodgins Experience’!”

Jacqueline Jameson

This is what Melanie had to say about her Pin-Up Session


“Though I am not a model, I do consider myself a bit of a thrill-seeker. And this experience was just that – a thrill. Preparing for the pin-up photo shoot (rockabilly hair, ‘50s inspired makeup, playful outfits) was so much fun and the session at James Hodgins Photography was an amazing experience. James and Joce made me feel really comfortable – they’re great, down-to-earth people. Posing as a pin-up girl felt completely out of my element and that is why I LOVED it. It was exciting and I think all the ladies should try it. Get all dolled up. Pucker those lips. Work those hips. Feel glamorous. And be prepared for tons of fun.”

There are only 8 openings left for this day so you need to call and book your slot.  Call Jocelyne at 705-693-0654


Your session will include 1 Fully Retouched 5×7  Hodgified Pin-Up Perfection Print with 2 wallets (of the same pose)  and I-File for email, facebook, myspace or whatever other online social presence you might have.


This  is a one time  promotion event for our Pin-Up Perfections at a low cost of


If you wish to have your hair and makeup done (which we highly suggest) please contact our Pin-Up Stylist Amanda Casagrande

Phone 626-8588 or email

Professional Pin-Up Hair & Make-Up for $75

Amanda just did 8 sessions with us this past week and the hair and make-up were OUTSTANDING!


Pinup Mag Cover

Pin-Up Perfection Day  IS Saturday March 27th, 2010
(by appointment)

There are only 8 openings left for this day so you need to call and book your slot.  Call Jocelyne at 705-693-0654  Don’t Delay!


Pin-Up Perfection Day Coming March 27

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

That’s right, you heard it here first.  We are officially announcing our Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection Day Saturday March 27th at our studio.  I will post all the juicy details about this spectacular event when I get back from WPPI Vegas next week.  Until then, start thinking of your Pin-Up Perfection scenario and dig deep into your wardrobe for those forgotten outfits.

Sudbury Pinup Photography

Sudbury  Pinup

Just a heads up.  There will only be 15 sessions available and it will be first come first serve.  We have already had numerous emails and calls to book our sessions, but to be fair we asked them to wait until our Pin-up Day.  So, with that said I would call and book your appointment as soon as I announce the Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection Day Details.


Sudbury Pinup Perfection Day Coming This March

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

We will be hosting our first “Sudbury Pinup Perfection” Day this month.  More details to follow so stay tuned on this blog (or better yet SUBSCRIBE to the blog) to be notified on all the sassy details.

Sudbury Pinup Perfection

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