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Why does your business portrait look so bad?

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I’m always looking at photography, when I read the newspaper I’m looking at the photographs, when driving I’m looking at the billboards and when I’m in the mall I  look at all the posters in the clothing stores. There is some great photography out there, and there is also alot of crap.  Most of it is with the business portraits you see day in  and day out around town.  Realtors are the worse (in my opinion).  Ever flip through those little real estate magazines you find in the restaurants and malls?  WOW, half of those business portraits are snapshots, probably taken by a co-worker with nothing but a disposable camera and they look HORRIBLE!!!  Why would you represent yourself like this?  It really does not say “professional”.  Luckily some professionals seek professional portraits taken by myself or by my fellow professional photographers, and it’s good to see, because you really can see the difference.  Take the below portrait, I shot both of them myself, at the same time, in the same studio.  One was shot with a point & shoot camera against a white backdrop, very quick, VERY FAST AND CHEAP! (you see alot of business portraits like this), the second one was taken with a little more thought involved, some good lighting, nice posing, and moderate retouching.  Now, which portrait makes the individual look “Professional”?

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