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This Hotel Bed Goes “BOING” Too!

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Well Rob and I are overnighting in T.O before we head to Nashville tomorrow morning.  Just arrived at the hotel and yes, I had to try to the “springyness” in the bed. LOL.  The second shot is one of the first images I took with my new Canon G11 Point & Shoot Camera (view from my hotel room window).  I love this camera.  It has everything I need in a point and shoot and because it has a flash hotshoe, I can now hook up my pocketwizards for some off camera flash lighting (like the first image).  Looking forward to playing with this camera in the next few days.  I also bought a new HTC Dream phone which will allow me to monitor my site while I am on the road.  Being as tech savy as I am, I quickly figured out how to lock myself out of the phone which resulted in me calling  tech support to figure out how to get back in the phone.  I think I got it figured out now.  You can also see where I am at and what I am doing with my twitter window to the right of this post.  The dream phone allows me to easily update my status (for those of you that really give a damn…mom…dad….wife).  Anyways, stay tuned for more adventures of Hodgy.

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