2013 James Hodgins Photography DOG DAY!

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There are only 15 openings left
so you need to call and book your slot.

Session Booking Starts at 10:00 am Thursday February 14th.  First come, first serve!


CALL 705-525-1512

DOG DAY IS Saturday February 23rd (by appointment)

VIEWING day is Wednesday February 26th  (by appointment).

This studio day is dedicated to all our furry friends of the K9 world.  Even though Jocelyne and myself do not have a dog, we sure do love the fleabags.  Just as we love our cats, we know you LOVE your dogs.  So, “Dog Day” was created.  Not only are we doing this for you, but we are also doing this for the SPCA.  We want to give something back to them, so for each session we will donate $30 to the SPCA annnnnd you have to bring in a bag of Dry Dog Food, cat food or non clumping cat litter that we will also bring to the SPCA.

First we would like to thank all the people who signed up for dog day last year and helped  support the local SPCA.

James, Jocelyne & Darla – Dog Day 2012





We should tell you that this will not be your typical “Studio dog portrait day”.  Nope, we are planning to create the best image of your dog showing his or her personality.  Sometimes we will get it in the first few frames, sometimes we may have to take 20, whatever it takes.    We will be focusing on your dog and not so much as the backgrounds, props and colors.  As you can see by our samples your attention is drawn directly to the dog, and you know what that dog is like just by looking at them.

FIVE  Reasons Why You Should Trust Us With Your Dog’s Portrait

1. Your dogs portrait will be better than any snapshots you might already have.2. Because we know you love your dog.

3. Your dog wishes to help out with the SPCA

4. You will not find better prices for the best Dog Portrait

5. We know your dog wants this as your dog already emailed us telling us so.

Don’t disappoint your dog.

DOG DAY IS Saturday February 23rd  (by appointment)

VIEWING day is Wednesday February 26th (by appointment)

We realize that  not everyone can make it during regular hours so we are staying open until 7:00 PM JUST FOR YOU!  This gives us 24 sessions to shoot in one day (You need to book your appointment).  Sessions are approximately  20 minutes long, like we said earlier sometimes we can get those magic captures in the first 5 minutes, plus, your dogs might stress out, breathe heavy, tongues hanging out (which isn’t a bad thing) so we found 20 minutes is more than enough time.


We have modified our packages slightly from previous years……….to be different.

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There are only 15 openings so you need to call and book your slots.

DOG DAY IS Saturday February 23rd  (by appointment)

VIEWING day is Wednesday February 26th  (by appointment)



We received this shortly after Abby’s session (I am serious)

“Dear Mr & Mrs Hodgins

I know my Mommy already emailed you to say thank you.

After seeing the results, I myself wanted to say to you a SUPER BIG THANKS for making me look like a Super Star.

James, you and I have to talk… the making fun of my ears thing “not cool” lol but that’s ok.

All in all my Mom keeps walking around telling everyone to go check out your website and is happier than can be and I myself am just thankful that I was lucky enough to be photographed by such a talented person.

I give you two paws up and a wagging tail.

With sincerity,


2008 Lasalle Blvd (Across from Goodlife Fitness)

Call Jocelyne and book your appointment now 705-525-1512

There are only 15 openings left so you need to call and book your slot.

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