Fun times and photography

Friday night myself, my cousin John (who is also a photographer) and Joce had the pleasure of photographing the Lasalle Senior Prom at the Caruso Club. The theme (I think) was Music of the ages, and they had bunch of cutouts, and old records and stuff decorating the hall. When it was all done we thought we could take one more capture of the three of us. We had a great system for that evening and everything ran smooth as pie. I will have images to post soon. Also, whenever we get the chance, Joce and I grabbed a new image for the blog (to the right) since we already had all the lighting setup, and another photographer to take the image. Thanks John.


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One Response to “Fun times and photography”

  1. Jillian Bickle Says:

    I bet the kids had a lot of fun with you taking their photos! that would be the highlight of my prom! they’re lucky they’re going to get awesome looking photos.
    I can’t stop laughing at your pose james, i don’t know why! love the collar look, very you! love the new photo of you and joce…I see that cardio kick boxing is really working! you guys look great!

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